Power of Connection

May 5, 2017

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I've mentioned the power of connection here before and I must say I can't sing the praise of connection enough.


I did some connecting today and fear tried to creep up in there and hold me back for a moment and then I had a different conversation with fear and made a choice.


I threw all fear and caution out and was willing to risk being mocked, risk being made fun of, and risk being laughed out; instead I gained empathy, an opportunity, and a deeper connection


Made a choice to not only connect yet show some vulnerability. I shared a piece of me and my story and it led to a deeper connection and now a possible opportunity for me...."to be continued"


This opportunity definitely would not have been brought up in any way, shape, or form if I hadn't shed a layer of my protection and get a tad naked in front of who I was talking to.




What do you need to risk in order to gain a deeper connection or find a new opportunity?




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