Put your Heart into Today

May 1, 2017

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Rhonda Britten says it so eloquently in her book “Fearless Living” – “Excuses excuse us from our potential”


How many times are you “ready” to make that leap at work or in that relationship and you find that perfect “reason” that you usually leads you to say, “I’ll make the leap next week,” “I’ll call him/her next week;” “I’ll update that resume tomorrow.”


How many of us have started diets or clean eating “next month” because, of course we cannot start today – it’s an odd number date, it must be in the beginning of the month, right? Nope!


I want to call that young lady I met at the coffee shop; hmm, perhaps I’ll wait because last time I called a lady the day I met her – it didn’t end well.


Those excuses seem so real and sometimes they are or at least pieces of it are yet when we succumb to it and do not make the ‘leaps’ we want – we have no idea what our potential is and what we could do with it.


So next time, you start coming up with the excuses – make a choice and make it today.


Put your heart into it – whatever it is!


Not into tomorrow’s workout, but today’s workout.


Not into tomorrow’s work, but today’s work.


Not into tomorrow’s people, but today’s people.


Put your heart into Today, Not Tomorrow



One more thing…

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