Slow Down to Power Up

April 24, 2017

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Do you ever feel like you are spinning out of control with all the commitments you have made, and all the responsibilities you better tackle before the day ends?


What happens when you try to beat the clock? Does it ever seem like it's right at this point that something else comes up and then the next? And then we say "When it rains, it pours?"

Yes, complexity is in total cahoots with speed and uncertainty. As you speed up and lose clarity, more tasks tend to rise to the top.


I remember back in my Boxing watching days :-) I'd see boxers in the ring fully composed, strategic, and as soon as they get frustrated or gain a sense of the time and the round's about to end - they spring into this whirl of speed and start charging after their opponent.


More often than not, the said boxer simply exhaust himself because, strategy is out the window, precision has gone into hiding, while they are throwing multiple punches after another, tiring themselves out - and you can even tell me the end game after all.


I say all that to say - S L O W down - when you feel you have lost control, when you are in that whirlwind - You want to pull it back.


For me, and I imagine Sugar Shane Mosely in the ring gets himself back to the present moment because I've seen him lose it and then finds his composure and his way back again to winning.



So next time you are feeling this way:



1. Take a Breathe !!!


2. Get Present - Stay in the moment

3. Get away from distractions or triggers around the issues

4. Go for a walk

5. Read a book - even if it's one page

6. Disconnect from social media




You want to create some space for yourself to allow for insights to flow because when you do, you gain clarity, you get insights, possibilities seem to open up.


Trust that what is coming up for you in a calm and unencumbered space within you is true because you are meant to be in that state of peace, calm, elegance.




Leave me comments on how this resonates with you.


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