How I changed the "G" Word...and you can too

April 19, 2017

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I had a conversation with a friend a month or so ago who was contemplating changing roles and he was stuck in figuring out how he would be able to keep his working hours workable for him.  I didn’t understand. 


He didn’t want to be a ‘slave’ at the new job, he said.  Even though it’s a step in the right direction for his career, he was telling me that he either commits to working 80+ hours at the new job OR stay at the old job and manage the 60+ hours.


I got a tad mad.  Why can’t we be nicer to ourselves? And dare I say it, why are we put last? Behind everyone else or organizations? Without the constant guilt/stress/anxiety?


I know I suffered from this for years and still a work in progress. “Bisi, Oh my God, can you just get yourself the shoes or the dress?”  Forget about the others for a moment! I was quick to get and think of other people and when it came to me, PAUSE PAUSE, WAIT, do I really need that?


What makes it “guilt” when it has to do with me and “generosity” when it comes to someone else? This was what I eventually learned is a fear stemming from feeling that I wasn’t deserving.


So I began to practice different ways to switch the “G” word - Guilt to Generous.   Yes, be generous to me! Here are some things I did:

  • Create Time for me –

    • I know I recharge solo and I must give myself that gift regularly as opposed to running around for others.


  • Compliments -

    • I’m learning with my Fearless Journey how to accept compliments from other people…and even writing them down sometimes.  It’s incredible and amazing what happens when I visit my compliment journal from time to time.


  • Nice to Me -

    • Being nice to myself – Yes, and that includes speaking sweet, positive somethings to myself.  No room for nastiness.  Also, doing something for myself without any form of justification. 

I have not turned into a self-centered soul; however, I know now thatcan offer a richer me with some self care.  This is how I turned the G-word around.


So how can you begin to honor yourself and take care of ourselves better this week?




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