A 3 Week Intensive Group Program Led by Bisi MacGregor

May 13th, 20th, 27th  | 12p ET- 1:30P ET | Zoom

What if you could erase the old programming of “should’ and shift your mindset to help you live your life based on what you want, instead of what scares you? 

I’m not talking about just a one off shift that helps you every now and then.  I’m talking about finally discovering the  mindset program that has kept you trapped, small, and unfulfilled and installing a new and expansive program in your subconscious that better serves you.

This means you are proactively taking courageous steps and having honest conversations. You are re-igniting and reconnecting with what really matters to you, without feeling disappointed, victimized, or endlessly waiting for the right time and/or people.

When you shift to an open, expansive, and intentional mindset, your heart opens and it becomes crystal clear that your desires are very possible.  Getting expert help in overriding your fear based mindset with an intentional mindset will leave you feeling fully alive and living life on the other side of fear.

Are you ready to uncover the #1 mindset trap that sabotages your success?

There was a time when I wasn’t living my best life.  I did everything I was supposed to do, I checked the boxes all along. And then life happened:  I got a divorce and not long after got another one. The second one was when I divorced my corporate job.

Yes, I was climbing the corporate ladder, yet I felt confined to cubicles and conference rooms day and late evenings.  I was constantly saying yes when I knew I wanted to say “no”; leaving me feeling inauthentic and false.


I felt like I was swimming against the current which left me tired, burned out, losing my way and most importantly, losing myself.  I got resentful, checked out, and was under-motivated then I heard the knock. That was my soul calling.


When I  chose to SHIFTED my mindset, I quickly learned that:

  • Fear was running my life and I didn’t even know it.

  • I had the choice to say no without feeling guilty  

  • I had a mission I wanted to kickstart with every fibre of my being


And...when I fully immersed myself in doing the deep work on transforming my mindset, things began changing.


I trusted myself more, I had a vitality that I forgot I once had. I felt differently. I felt empowered.  Not only was I clear on my heart’s mission; I felt deeply empowered to birth it in order to feel even lighter and MORE fulfilled.

I began to make my own decisions and choices and stick to them all; I can reach out for the support I need when I need it; I travel multiple times during the year to destinations of my choice and I create deep relationships with the people I choose.


One of my biggest wins is being able to say no when I mean no and yes when I mean yes!

Sure, I don’t have the fancy office or a fancy table; what’s important is that:
1.   I feel so inspired and motivated choosing to do what I want instead of what I’m afraid of { and you can have this too!}
2.   I have full confidence in myself and in all my choices { and you can have this too!}
3.   I am consistently making deep connections with my own tribe of people! {you can build your own tribe too!}
So, YES!  You can take back your personal power.  

What does your heart truly want?

Is it to build up a nursery that truly cares about the development of the children?

Is it writing that fictional novel you’ve been contemplating all these years?

Is it becoming an advocate for a cause that means a lot to you?

Do you want to be a thought leader and game changer in your field?


Whatever it is, know that this 3 week intensive will help you understand how this mindset trap has held you back and discover a new programming so you can overcome all self-doubt, wishing, waiting, and hoping and make decisions from a place of confidence and proactively go after what you want for your life.

{By the way, your Life can transform in one instance - It’s a Mindset Shift Away!

"I am grateful for my time with my coach, Bisi. She asked the hard questions that had me look deeper into myself and accept the person I am and where I’m headed. It’s been a great experience.  My daily frustrations and irritations have taken a back seat and I have been more intentional with my daily activities and mind set. I feel light like a huge weight was lifted. Today I can say without a shadow of doubt that I trust myself, I am able to find the solitude and the time I need to recharge my batteries and do things to nurture myself, and I am also now better at keeping and honoring my commitments."

-      Tina

Will you liberate yourself from the Untruths that have sabotaged your best efforts, and reward yourself and your loved ones with a life of passion, purpose, freedom and profound happiness?
Or will you miss the boat and choose a life of struggle, where your day to day is a constant worry and resentment, self-sabotage keeps getting in the way of your success, and your full potential is never realized?
If you’re ready to make a commitment, I’m ready to help you through every step of rebooting your mindset. This is truly a life-changing program.

In this 3 Week Program, you will:


You will you understand how your mindset has been taken over by fear programming, and know what to do about it, you will be able to put fear in its place and turn your dreams into reality


You will uncover the #1 trap that keeps you sabotaging your own success and abundance. You will quickly identify when you are wishing, waiting, and hoping that things be different than what they are


You will discover an antidote mindset program to replace the insidious – fear- based programming that is uncovered  in week 2.  You will feel empowered and have a new way of thinking that keeps you focused, inspired and in action!

Upon registering

You will be invited to our private Facebook Community for this program. This is where you will get support during the program and build deep relationships with your peers.
I will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter, so you can finally reboot your mindset to a more supportive, intentional and proactive mindset so you can live your life based on what you want instead of what you are afraid of.

Meet Your Coach, Bisi

After a 20 year Corporate career in Finance & Controlling, she jumped feet first into her journey as a business owner, and within just a few years, she started making lasting impacts in people’s lives.

A sought-after expert in the world of mastering fear in your life and business, Bisi is known globally as a TEDx speaker, and founder of Atoke Lifesprings.  She is an expression for living out your mission and an ignition for CEO’s and Entrepreneurs around the world, coaching them on how to set their hearts' mission in motion whilst honoring who they are and what they believe.

In 2016, Bisi founded Atoke Lifesprings, where she champions and rallies entrepreneurs, teaching them how to master fear and process it differently so they can not only live out their mission, yet have peace of mind, confidence, and courage every day.
Bisi is a 2017 TEDx speaker in NYC, facilitated multiple workshops at L’Oreal USA, Mizhuo Securities, and Hudson Community College. When she is not speaking and coaching globally, you will find her meditating, hanging out with her nieces or nephews, traveling the world, and whipping up new breakfast recipes in her kitchen and eating the products on her deck in Georgia.​​​​​​​

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